Mixer Brush Settings

2b. Mixer Brush Settings

– – – – –

This is an absolute pain to explain one by one as they’re all connected to each other , so I’m going to be briefly defining each setting, then recap and go further in detail.

Load Brush: Loads are brush with paint (Foreground color). Similar to if we dipped a paintbrush into paint.

Clean Brush: Cleans our brush from paint. Similar to if we washed our paintbrush.

Wet: How wet the paint on our canvas is. Determines how much paint is spread across between brushstrokes.

Load: How much paint we’re loading into our brush.

Mix: How much our paint mixes together.

Flow: How strong our paint is when applied to the canvas.

– – – – –

Going back…

Load Brush/Load Setting: First of all, clicking this setting enables our paintbrush to be loaded with paint, being whatever your foreground is. If you haven’t guessed, this is what our load setting is affecting.

As with a paintbrush in real life, the more paint you have, the longer your paint streak goes. So a higher load you have, the longer the paint streak will be. However, I’m not using a bristle brush, I’m using one of the round brushes. If we use a bristle brush, the paint never really fades completely away completely as seen below.

Clean Brush:  As with any paintbrush, paint doesn’t magically disappear. It stays on until you wash it off.  Look as I make a stroke through some black and make another stroke right after. Color from where my brush last ended is picked up. By activating this setting, we don’t pick up any residual color when we make a new stroke.

Note – Residual paint will still be picked up if we don’t have our Load Brush activated. It’ll indicate in the thumbnail what kind of load you have. Here I have paint picked up from going through my sample colors, as well as having a red load color.

Wet: Basically is how wet our paint is. A higher wet setting lets the paint spread further across our canvas as seen below. (I’m dragging from the red color to the left edge)

Mix: This setting adjusts how the load on our brush mixes with with the paint on our canvas. Using a lower setting means that less of the canvas paint gets mixed (load paint is more dominant) and vice-versa.


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