Kunstbar Webquest

1.  Giorgio de Chirico / Piazza d’Italita
2.  Giorgio de Chirico / The Disquieting Muses
3.  Eduard Munch / The Scream
4.  Joan Miro / Blue II
5.  Jackson Pullock
6.  Vincent Van Gogh / Starry Night
7.  Pablo Picasso / “Les Demoiselles D’Avignon”
8.  Henry Matisse / Blue Nude IV
9.  Marc Chagall/ Fiancees of the Eiffel Tower/
10.  Marc Chagall / Birthday
11.  George Grosz /  Circe
12.  Rene Magritte / The Art of Living
13.  Amedeo Modigliani / Reclining Nude from the Back (Nu couch de dos)
14.  George Grosz /  Circe
15.  Norval Morrisseau
16.  Paul Klee / Head of a Man
17.  Aguste Rodin / The Thinker
18.  Hieronymus Bosch / Garden of Earthly Delights (The right panel- ‘The Bird-headed Monster’)
19.  Leonardo da Vinci
20.  Leonardo ad Vinci / The Proportions of the Human Figure
21.  Salvador Dali
22.  Kunst means art, thus Kunstbar refers to an art bar
23.  generic artist
24.  generic artist (french version)
25.  Odilon Redon / Smiling Spider
+Main character in Kunstbar is an homage to Rob Petrie, Dick Van Dyke’s character in the Dick Van Dyke Show. So says Steve Whitehouse. Petrie Lounge.

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