1.  Meshed

I got a good feel for the mesh tool earlier, and went at it with a portrait using mesh.  What an awful idea.  While the face turned fairly decent, the hair stopped me dead in it’s tracks.  This is a huge stepping stone and I’ve tried many different ways at making the hair work the way I want it to, but it’s beyond my knowledge at this point.

This is by far, one of the most frustrating projects that I’ve attempted.  I can’t move on until I learn a work flow that will help me achieve decent hair.

2.  Characters

Inspired by character design pictures.   A collection of random sketches and doodles in my sketchbook all put in one.  Although I had stopped working on this for some reason, I still intend on finishing it.

3. Robots

Inspired by various cluttered vector images, as well as a jacket I own which involves robots.  Started off with drawing circles in my notebook whenever I had spare time during my other classes, eventually leading me to get carried away with the idea of robot heads stacked on top of each other in one giant mess.

I went in with the pencil tool to do a rough outline of what I had.  I liked the sloppy feel to it in the end, so I never went back in with the pen tool.

I was eventually stuck at how in the world I would color the image.  I tried coloring it in Photoshop, but that was a disaster so I tossed that idea out.  I tried using a monochromatic theme using various purples and dark grays/blacks, but it didn’t look so good.  I tossed that idea out and turned to the swatch library, picking out colors from the Metal folder in it.

Chris pointed out that the image looked great after he played around with it, but I didn’t bother taking the image into post production until Skocko pointed out how much better it looked after he quickly played around with it in Camera Raw.  Thus to my excitement, the next day I ended up working on it, taking it through Camera Raw and Photoshop, making it look much better than when I had left it.  Thank you Camera Raw!

4.  Islands

Returned to perspective, but toned it down… a lot.  But it’s all good, it’s simplified and makes it’s way right in.  I wanted to go back to the clean, raw feel of Illustrator and it’s vectors, and I think this particular idea is a great way to embrace it.

5.  Papercraft – Tiki figurine
Will update tomorrow with the bigger image.  I failed to grab the correct file on my way out.

Started off originally with a simple robot, but tossed that idea.  I had a killer idea which involved one of the characters I doodled holding a ukulele/guitar, but upon browsing the web for papercraft samples, I stumbled upon one that has nearly the exact same idea that I had.  Great minds think alike?  So I’m working on a Tiki figurine papercraft.  I’ve got the basic shape already nailed down, just need to work out the kinks with the folding and gluing to ensure I’ve got it right and then I get to color it in.

6.  Fish (Theater prop)

Theater prop for Theater’s Thoroughly Modern Millie play.  As simple as this is, it was actually quite annoying to do.  I had trouble getting the colors down, and I had no clue how to make scales.  So there’s me improvising with the patterns.  Thanks Danny O. for his help on this one.


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