Portfolio – Semester II

Second semester of Mac Lab.  Plenty of incomplete work, but all I can do is keep working and stay inspired.  Semester I consisted of me keeping my head in Illustrator most of the time, but I’ve went ahead and dipped into various (Probably more than I expected) art forms including light painting, paper craft, etc.  So I decided to separate first and second semester’s galleries.  I’ll be able to go more into detail on each individual project, progress details and so on so everyone can get an idea of what goes on in my head when I work.

I’ve got a few more pictures to add, but this is pretty much the gist of it so far.  So while I’m working on my million different projects at one time, feel free to give any suggestions.

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Light Painting



  • Hillsdale performances DVD **Currently working on**
  • Girls Soccer Finished!
  • Possibly a stop motion light painting video (what the?)

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Link to Semester I’s page here.


7 Responses to “Portfolio – Semester II”

  1. […] for what’s new, I’ve added a few things.  Namely the Semester II page, which links to the galleries which have my most recent work.  For the time being, there’s […]

  2. Stop motion light painting video? Crazy, but if done right, amazing. I would love to help!

    • Haha, I had a feeling that might have interested you. Steven proposed the idea last Saturday school.
      I’ve still been tinkering around with ideas in my head, but it’s pretty hard coming up with something.
      Basically,it would require a very simple character that we can draw over and over again, and we’d obviously need a decently large team since going at it solo would be insane.

      Something I’ve considered was using wires to shape out a figure to make tracing with lights easier, thus making the animation process easier as well. Anyways, any help would be great. This is still just a thought though, so there has to be a pretty solid plan before anything can happen.

  3. I am looking forward to the project.

    We also need to adjust the camera setting every time so that each fame is not lighter than the last.

    I like the idea of using wires. We could also mark them somehow so as to know exactly how far to draw each time.

  4. You don’t know me but that’s ok. My friends told me to google stepboys the other day and I stumbled upon this picture of a hitler, steve erwin, asian mashup on a green background and I laughed because that was me at World of Dance. Super random find, but a really good job, it’s like spot on. Especially the shorts and the hanging thread lol. So yea, good job and your other works look amazing also. Keep them coming!

    • Haha, why thanks. Didn’t think I’d find the person in the picture. I have to say more thanks to you for giving a fantastic performance, definitely one I wouldn’t forget.
      Anyways, your kind comments are greatly appreciated. :>

  5. […] far as the second part of this post’s title goes, check out this comment that I found yesterday morning on here.  Makes you reconsider naming your files […]

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