Zipbuds (Gradient Mesh) & Movie Poster (kind of)

I finished up my quarter last Friday, and while the work I did was enough to give me high grades in the end, it’s by far no where near the standards I would like as far as online publishing. So while I rework some of the projects I did, here are 2 pieces that I have absolutely no problem showing, which happened to be my final artwork for my Fundamental of Design and Color Theory class respectively.

Zipbuds Gradient Mesh

The final assignment was to choose an artist that I’ve been influenced by, and create an art piece in their style. Because this was (unfortunately) the only assignment where an electronic medium was allowed, I naturally turned to Yukio Miyamoto as my artist of choice. He’s a fantastic Illustrator and shows amazing use of the gradient mesh tool.

So I choose to vectorize one of the Zipbuds picture that I had. I was extremely time crunched with this project, but surprisingly finished up in about 5-6 hours.

Movie Poster

This one may not seem like much, but I did a lot of research comparison for this project. The assignment was to recreate a movie poster as seen outside of the United States, Canada, and Britain. Obviously being color theory, we were to use appropriate colors as it fit with the different country.

I chose to base my poster idea on Korea. Breaking the poster down, a trend I noticed in a lot of Korean (horror) movie posters that I wanted to follow:

-Use of body/face

-Use of blood on the face

-Clothing tends to be formal (School uniform or dress shirt/dress)

-A ‘tear’ effect, as if a portion of the poster was torn

-Majority of colors was very dull or sepia toned. Either monotone with red accent (blood), monochromatic yellows/blues, or analogous in favor of green/yellows for sepia.

-Use of blood on the text


~ by Christian Lim on December 21, 2010.

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