Zipbuds, My new bestest friend

Proof that my Summer wasn’t a complete dud- Zipbuds! This summer, I had the opportunity to join along Steven Moyer and his many photo shoots (and a video shoot) regarding DGA‘s newest product, Zipbuds. I’ve tagged along with Steven a few times already on his Livespeakr and China Wokery photo shoots/Photoshop sessions. So I can proudly add Zipbuds to that list (and my portfolio, hoo-hah!)

Those unfamiliar with what Zipbuds are, they’re a new product by DGA which addresses one of the key problems with other headphones, which is tangled and messy cords. I know I’ve always had a problem sticking my headphones in my pocket, just to go through untangling and unwinding when I need it. Not anymore!

Anyways, as said before I had the opportunity to join along with the series of projects Steven got hired to do. There were quite a few photo shoots, all of them enjoyable. Even the commercial shoot (Which takes a lot more planning than I ever thought) was fun. Overall, a great experience! The entire skeleton of this project is broken down on Steven’s blog. In the meantime, check out the Zipbuds website and pretty much all the pictures we’ve worked on (including the commercial) is up.


~ by Christian Lim on November 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Zipbuds, My new bestest friend”

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