The Right Mindset (1.0)

Freshman orientation for the Art Institute happened just a few days ago, and some things really stuck to me. If anything, what I gained from orientation was a mindset to keep throughout college.

That Academic Director spoke to those in Graphic Design, and of the few things he said, there was definitely two major concepts that I’ll continue to keep glued to the back of my head.

One being, at the start there will be people who start off amazing. All their work will be showered with praise because they’re way ahead of the game and you may feel like you’re behind everyone else. But the director compared this mindset to horse racing. Stating that typically the horse in the lead at the beginning rarely ends up winning the race in the end. All the time it’s the horse from behind that wins. Overall, the point he said was that it’s not about how you start, but rather how you finish.

In addition to this, a very familiar concept was brought up as well. In the work that we do, we were told that because we’re going to be graphic designers, we need to have a purpose for everything we do. We can’t chose a typeface, color, line, etc. because it’s something we like, but it needs to have a purpose. Over time the art will justify itself, but for the time being, it’s important to be able to justify everything you do.

Now both of these pieces of advice are far from new, I’ve heard it already before plenty of times. But regardless, I look forward to starting college.


~ by Christian Lim on October 3, 2010.

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