Before and After

In ninth grade, my last class for the day was Art. When the clock was approaching 3:00, everyone would start lining up, waiting for the bell to ring and rush on out to go home. Everyday, I would pass by the Mac Lab, look at everyone still working, and laugh in my head. I would turn to my good friend Bassam, and say things such as, “I will NEVER be in that class, haha.”

Tenth grade rolled around, and as I would be waiting to get picked up after school, I would run into Bassam every now and then. He would tell me how he owed time for the Mac Lab, and this made no sense at the time. All I knew was he had to come in outside of class for a bunch of hours in the early morning so he could pass the class. I told him that class was a stupid.

Hah. It feels good being a hypocrite.

I used to believe that being a hypocrite is frowned upon, thinking that contradicting yourself would make you seem like you’re an ‘idiot’ so to say. If this was true, I’d rather be an idiot than ignorant. I have to say, aside from a handful of teachers that in my opinion are the best, the Mac Lab made High School an enjoyable experience. I’m glad to have ended my senior year pushing myself in this class.

Anyways, today marked the graduation for the Class of 2010. This is a very special class for me, as there are some absolutely AMAZING artists that Valhalla will be letting go of. I’m privileged to be able to know people like Ben Dulay, Taylor Long, Zack Tatar, etc. It might just be me, but there’s a very special connection that I had with these people. There was that level of respect that we all had amongst each other, because we all shared the expression of ourselves in art. Whether I was stunned at Taylor’s paintings (This guy is unbelievable for those who’s never seen his work at all), to being oddly intrigued at how Chris Flemming was inspired to make the most random-yet-cool illustrationgs next to me, we all appreciated each other’s work.

So to top it all off, I look forward to the new talent coming into the Mac Lab (As well as the returning veterans). Hopefully they will be able to share the same connection I was able to have.


~ by Christian Lim on June 23, 2010.

One Response to “Before and After”

  1. Ironic, isn’t it, that Bassam created the image I use as an avatar on the Web? And also that that Freshman who scoffed at the Mac Lab would become one of its legendary artists?

    Thanks for making the past two years so rewarding. And keep reporting from college.

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