Bad News, Good News, Good News

So this morning, I handed videos off to Danny for him to include in the Dance Crew video. Harry (Who’s in ASB) looked over and asked what video we were doing. When we told him it was for Dance Crew, we basically were told that ASB might not end up doing/needing it.


We had to wait for confirmation to see if Harry was right, and alas, it was in fact true. ASB changed their minds, so Dance Crew is ‘officially’ off the list. But with this, more positives came up as opposed to negatives.

First of all, the biggest negative would be we wasted (a lot) of our time doing something that we didn’t need to do. Not to mention, needless stress and annoyance between flaking dancers and limited time.

However, there are the positives.
1) Since ASB doesn’t need a video, there is no deadline to finish it. (Notice how I said deadline as opposed to ‘need’)
2) Danny mentioned this would be a great opportunity for Philip/others to learn the program as far as making videos.
3) Philip and I have learned that you cannot trust people to make it to a video shoot.  Lesson learned.
4) Philip and I have learned a lot of the planning involved building up to the actual filming.
5) Because our dancing was impromptu, it was… not so great. So at the least, this isn’t something that the entire school will see.  Thank goodness for me. :)

But still, not much I can say about it.
Oh, and if the idea for the light painting stop motion video does turn out fine, it’s going to be epic. I shared the idea with Danny just to get his thoughts, and I could tell that it was great by his reaction to it. But enough about that…


~ by Christian Lim on April 13, 2010.

5 Responses to “Bad News, Good News, Good News”

  1. The Dance Crew post-production will be a great learning experience for all the more inexperienced members of Mac Lab Media, including me.

    Stop motion light painting still sounds like a great idea. It will require lots of planning and a small team so as to minimize distractions. If at all possible, I would like to wait until next month, when AP Tests are over, to start the project though.

    Something tells me we need a collaborative light painting blog…..

  2. I still want to run the initial ideas through Moyer, since to my understanding, he’ll be leading this one since it has a lot of potential to turn into something great (Not to mention it was his idea in the first place :P)

  3. Sounds good.

  4. Where once there were two, now there is one.

  5. For some reason, I don’t have the 840 you made. Care to link it to me?

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