Dance Crew – Saturday School Nightmare

I haven’t posted in a while… so here’s a lengthy post to compensate.
Today, we filmed dance crew. There is much to talk about, so I’ll take it from the very beginning.

Danny presented that a video for dance crew would be made a long time ago (Maybe a month or a few weeks ago). Now I’m a lover of hip hop, so I definitely wanted to participate whether it be big or small. As time went on however, Danny has been flooded with video projects, so this task was thrown on Philip and I. Now this was definitely not bad, as I had the opportunity to play a bigger role in something that I love.

Starting off, our initial idea was shut down, but for good reasons. So after modifications, we eventually got something down and usable. Now Skocko only got the one sentence pitch, but he had faith in us that we can get it to work. Danny and Kyle seemed fine with the idea (Even helping out on storyboards), so we all seemed to have a general agreement that this should turn out well.
After having our storyboards set in stone, we needed dancers and location. We actually found the spot a few days ago, as we ended up using Mr. Anderson’s class (With his permission of course) as our set, so big thanks to him. However, our biggest issue lied in out dancers as the jobs page implies.

Now I have cousins who dance in well known groups around San Diego (One is in a dance group for her high school, and I’ve been told they’re pretty good, while another is in a dance group which has won first place in numerous competitions), and I myself do a bit of dancing. But I felt uncomfortable putting myself in the video, so I made it clear that I’d be a back up in case we had people who would flake on us (I’m foreshadowing by the way…). I felt it was unfair to seek help from them when we should be able to find talent around school. I knew Philip would be able to find people, and he did. Within time, Philip eventually rounded up three dancers for our video, two boys and one girl, which I was informed have great talent. Unfortunately, days later I was told two bailed out on us. Great. We’re stuck with one guy, so we still needed at least two more. After a bit of stressing, we decided to attend the Haiti auditions (Four days before our planned shooting) which should have dancers and groups there. There were a sizable amount of people when we went after school, so I knew we had to find someone that was pretty good. After a person’s audition, we met up with him as he was leaving to see if he could help out. That day, we recruited him and a friend, and I was happy because they seemed to be pretty good. Nothing could possibly go wrong, we have our dancers, and we’re all set.
Wrong. Danny’s words of “People WILL flake on you” came true, as we got ignored when we tried contacting our talent for two days straight. By the time we found them (Philip and Kyle had to physically find them around school), it was the day BEFORE the planned shoot. We got the bad news that they couldn’t make it. This wouldn’t have been so bad if they would’ve been honest and told us between the two days of trying to reach them. A dancer we had in mind who wanted to do it beforehand also ended up not being able to make it.
We lost a total of five potential dancers the day before the actual shoot. So I had to improvise, and asked a family member for help yesterday. He was a bit skeptical because he hasn’t practiced in ages, but thankfully he said yes. This was good, because we had a great dancer on campus who told us he would make it despite it being pretty early (He found 8 AM to be early. I didn’t realize this was early because I’ve been waking up around 5 AM or earlier daily. Oh well.), as well as my cousin and I to fill in those missing spots. Which means we were good to go.
Wrong. Saturday started off bad. My cousin and I were working off 4 hours of sleep, and didn’t have much practice to work with. We spent Saturday morning (about 6:30 AM – 8 AM) getting a bit practice in so we aren’t completely bad. At about 8:30 when our other guy was supposed to arrive, Philip gave me the bad news. Our dancer couldn’t make it. He had no transportation, and his parents wouldn’t let him. With our deadline in about a week, this was bad because it was the only day to shoot. We had two dancers for a video meant for three. We told Skocko, and he said to work around it. But I’m stubborn so a few phone calls later, my other cousin came to the rescue. I interrupted her much needed sleep, asking for help because I was desperate with the lack of time. She said yes, and we were good to go. Unfortunately, she lives fairly far, so it would take half an hour (ended up being about 45-50 minutes since she got lost on the way). But in any case, we had three dancers, and had to rush it fast. The shooting started at about 9:45 AM, and we ended up finishing (As in getting all our gear and being out the door) by about 12:30 PM.

That was pretty much my Saturday School. I tried my best, and couldn’t do better than that with such short notice. My dancing skills may not be the greatest, but I hope it will inspire those people who do dance to put themselves out there to make the future dance crew video even better, or inspire others to be apart of dance themselves when this video is done.

Quick little sample shot from today:

– – – – –

Tomorrow, I’ll be joining up with Steven hopefully to finish the darned Hillsdale video which has been delayed so much. Which means, opportunity to work on a big project with the time remaining. Light painting stop motion anyone? :)

Also, I have some other pictures to post, so expect that in the future from me. That’s all folks!


~ by Christian Lim on April 10, 2010.

23 Responses to “Dance Crew – Saturday School Nightmare”

  1. Stop motion light painting. Sounds good.

    Danny said I would be editing the dance crew video. Is that true?

    • I don’t know who’s editing. I’ve had names thrown between who’s editing, but apparently Philip and Collin will be doing stuff on it too. So we’ll find out Monday. :D

  2. Nice photo. Did you use both 5D’s?

  3. That means you had them both running at the same time to reduce filming time while capturing multiple angles. Right?

    Only 2 5D’s? How did you survive?!?!?!

  4. Chris, Collin and I will do some effects in After Effects and I might join in with the editing in Final Cut Pro. I think Danny said that you and him are doing the editing in Final Cut Pro, James is doing Audio. For now, just wait until Monday like Christian said.
    Btw I’ll answer your last question. Yes we did run both at the same time and that’s how we finished so fast. So for future video, running two or even three cameras at the same time will be great. It saves time and you might say battery?

  5. Everything is happening on Monday!!!!

    It’s great that you guys used both cameras at the same time. I don’t know why we didn’t do that for the Stop Bullying video. From now on, we have 2 5D’s whenever we film. Is Zack on the video team?

  6. Zach is planning on becoming a film maker (I think).

  7. Good. That means another 5D.

  8. Yup. :)

  9. […] Crew video update: A very long story, read it here. In addition to what Christian said, let me list the names of the people who were at the school […]

  10. yeaa what u said is pretty much true about people that can dance to put themselves out there to show people. u may not know me but my name is kevin and i’m part of a jerkin krew. Here in valhalla

    • I definitely don’t know you, but it would’ve been great if you could’ve filled in haha.
      Any place I can find a sample of your crew in action?

      • i would say youtube but we have’nt posted up any videos yet on our page,but today we’re soppose to record.i’ll let u know when we have it up on our youtube page. i mean u could catch us in action we’re usually jerkin at after skool up on the stage at the east lawn

  11. Definitely when I get a chance i’ll go by. Just out of curiosity, do you guys do straight up jerkin’ or do you mix it up with other things (Popping/Waving/Tutting/etc.?)

  12. yea we mix it 2

  13. can u jerk

    • I used to when it started getting fairly popular, but not so much. I don’t do quite as much dancing as I used to anymore, but still watch whatever comes up when I get a chance.

  14. das kool ight then and just tellin u im suppose to jerk battle my friend today soo if ur intrested u come and watch

    • Didn’t have much time, I tried stopping by after school for a few minutes but didn’t see anything happening when I passed by. Since I couldn’t stay, I pretty much missed out.

  15. ooo well its all good cuz my friend called it off cuzz i guess he wasnt ready to go up against me yesterday nd it’s dumb cuzz i gave him 3 minutes to pratice yesterday after skool nd he literally told me dat he needed to pratice more soo then i let him get a lil more pratice nd instead of dat i went to weight training for football. soo just in case if u dont pass by i’ll probably record it and show it to u

  16. Sounds good to me. Well, at least he knew he wasn’t ready haha.

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