Go go go

There’s been a lack of daily blog posting, and there’s a very good reason why.  I’ve been thrown into the deep end as far as projects I have to do, projects I would have liked to do, projects that magically came out of nowhere that I had to do, and projects in the near future that I plan on doing.  But that comes later.

As for what’s new, I’ve added a few things.  Namely the Semester II page, which links to the galleries which have my most recent work.  For the time being, there’s more Light Painting work as opposed to Illustrations and such, but things will expand as time moves on.
– – – – –

Going back to what I alluded to earlier, it’s been pretty hectic lately. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned, it’s that if anybody says that they have absolutely nothing to do, they’re lying. If someone says they don’t know what to do, then they must be lazy. I have more open projects, halted projects, and incoming projects then I can imagine.

Anyways, I have to say big thanks to Steven Moyer. Philip and I took quite a few light painting pictures, and I wanted to make sure that the pictures looked good. So after we both agreed on a draft of each picture, I rounded them all up and asked Steven to give his feedback on it. His expertise helped improve the pictures greatly. :>

– – – – –

I’m currently working on my Open Morgue page (Not up yet). As funky as that name sounds, there’s two reasons behind it.
First of all, I’m a firm believer that you can be inspired by anything and everything, whether it’s other people’s work to the clouds in the sky and cracks in the sidewalk. So it doesn’t make much sense to gather a bunch of links together and call it inspiration.
Second, I tend to forget a bunch of links that I think I will remember but won’t. So rather than keeping bookmarks and references to myself, I should spread them out. At the least, it will keep the computer at home, as well as the computer at school consistent.  I’ll consider it my digital playground so to say.

Aside from that, I’m working on the Hillsdale video to finish it up and get it over with.  There’s been plenty of technicalities which has stopped progressing with it, but things are picking up and I should be done soon.  Fantastic.

That’s it from me.  The magic is all in the Portfolio page.  :>


~ by Christian Lim on March 10, 2010.

4 Responses to “Go go go”

  1. […] Update: The Jobs page is rapidly expanding. As Christian says (I edited his comments to spare those of you who might be offended. Why would you be offended? […]

  2. Thank you, Christian. You have done a fine job.

  3. Christian you rock. Your art is amazing. I really hope you can come over some day to go over some projects. PLATT College.Just Kidding But I do love your projects.

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