And here I was expecting my weekend to kick off with me chugging away on Illustrator at home and spending my evenings light painting.  Nope. I unfortunately spent my days at a relatives house with no tools to use (Yes, I lacked paper and a pencil as well).

So here’s me trying to savor the last of this three day weekend trying to be productive-

I almost never watch movies, so it’s rare for me to reference one at all…
Rule 32 – Enjoy the little things (Zombieland).
In this case, the little things included nostalgia and tiny lights. I was going through some old toys I had when I stumbled upon some Beyblades (Older folks may just know them as tops, they’re the same to me). Lucky for me, I had some light up tops, so I ripped it apart and took out the lights to see if they would work. Out of the three I had, one still lit up after about 10 years or so. So those tiny lights were a result of that (It blinked on and off).  The heart shaped figurine was something I made out of some sort of clay when I went to a week-long art camp in 2008.  Fits in with Valentines Day I suppose.

I sort of just went wild on this since I had no ideas.  My mom turned on the kitchen lights when I didn’t expect it, which came through in here.  Oh  well.  Interestingly enough, you can see the stars in the sky which is nice.

(By the way, I haven’t edited these in Camera Raw or Photoshop)

I’m still working on the mesh portrait at school.  I’ve had to split my efforts into working on the portrait, and fixing my boot.  There’s a problem with the shading, and it’s a real pain to fix.  It’s that last 10% that counts, and I can never look at the silly boot with satisfaction until I fix it.

Will definitely get more accomplished this week.


~ by Christian Lim on February 8, 2010.

17 Responses to “Light…”

  1. Great work. I too had no chance at all to work on Mac Lab stuff.

    Isn’t it amazing how cool light painting can be, even before Camera Raw? The last image is the best I have seen you make yet, and I think it should go on the Mac Lab gallery.

    That particular type of light painting is my favorite and the coolest by far. The fact that you can see the stars may be the coolest thing of all. I really like that you can barely tell it is night.

  2. Unfortunately, you are still plagued by focusing problems!!!!!!!!

  3. I blame my poor eye sight. I can’t see for squat without my glasses, and I can’t see through the eyehole with my glasses. I’ll try and get up at 3 or 4 in the morning tomorrow and redo it.
    I couldn’t focus the camera at night if my life depended on it. :P

  4. Just make sure it is on auto focus and shine the light where you will be drawing. Press the focus button and make sure the red light blinks where you are shining the light. Then flip the switch to manual focus and paint away. :)

  5. very cool stuff. Nice job. :)

  6. I will get this focusing business right next time. Might have to hold off on trying tomorrow morning (Apparently there’s coyotes roaming around the neighborhood or something? No clue)

  7. There’s a headline: student eaten while dancing with flashlights

  8. Don’t know if coyotes appreciate it when their breakfast fights back. It would be a unique shot if I got coyotes in the midst of light painting though. :)

  9. Sorry for budding in so late, but great work. That is a very interesting picture! What is it exactly?

  10. Somebody is sabotaging the autofocus on every camera you borrow!!!!!

  11. Very cool. You definitely succeeded! It’s much more than I could do, in regard to sculpting.

  12. I agree with Kyle. You are a man of many talents.

  13. Yes. I have absolutely no artistic talent when it comes to things that are hands on.

  14. Haha, that was the camera on my phone. Wasn’t that bad considering my phone is sensitive to movement whenever I take a picture and I was shaking quite a bit.
    Clay is fun to use though. Non-drying clay can help bring out some wacky ideas whether you’re good with it or not. Although I messed up painting with that sculpture :/

  15. Excuses excuses excuses!!!!

  16. Excuses help my self-esteem :P

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