Mesh/Illustration update

I’ve been tired a lot lately with this new semester.  So pardon my languidness in moving as efficiently as I would have liked.  You can tell because I never finished the third day of the three day weekend.

Nonetheless, a quick update-
Mesh portrait
Try not to get distracted with how the eyes appear extremely tiny to the face. I had gone way past his forehead anyways, so once I add hair, it’ll look better. Otherwise, I’m working on the nose at the moment, which is a pain to do.

I’m very unsatisfied with the blue character at the back. I’ve been losing my vigor from all the school work I have, so I’ve been forced to work slowly on this for now.


~ by Christian Lim on February 2, 2010.

One Response to “Mesh/Illustration update”

  1. The illustration looks good, but it is too small to really see the details.

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