Trois day weekend (ii)

Updating this post to avoid excessive posting…
I’ve already mentioned how I’ve had to work on light painting by myself since my brother hurt himself. Found out this morning that he fractured both of his feet, so now I’m definitely on my own until he recovers. That’s life I suppose. It’s a shame because I think he wanted to try it out again (He played around with light painting the first time I tried it over Winter break).

So anyways, I was looking around in my backyard for a spot to begin. I noticed that I never took much attention one particular corner, which is now a mess from the rain and wind the past few weeks. Oddly enough, I guess it never registered in my head that there was a fairly tall, cement tiki statue in the very corner. I know, odd that I’d miss that when I’ve been living here for 5-6 years, but no use complaining over my negligence. Used it as a opportunity to light paint!

01 | 02

First of all, I’d like to say that I would have loved to move the tiki to a different spot, but for now I had to deal with it. I’ve actually spent quite the bit of time trying to get the picture right. The tripod was at an angle, and there were cement slabs and plants in the way so it was a bit hard getting things right.

01 | 02 | 03

Just an idea I was playing with.  Had a song (Streetlights) stuck in my head, so I went with it.  Three different attempts (In the order of which I attempted it).


My dad has a pretty nifty flashlight… there’s an RGB button which changes the light color.  Unfortunately, it just cycles through those three colors rather than having separate buttons for each color.  Just having a bit of fun on this one.

– – – – – –

Hardly any progress on my illustration.  I was out this morning and too lazy to do anything by the afternoon.  I’ll work on it tomorrow.

– – – – –
1/29/10 – Trois day weekend (i)
Update on two things I’m working on.

Starting off with light painting…

This is becoming a frustrating process.  I was hoping to get my younger brother to tag along and help me with light painting, but he went ahead and hurt himself at school.  So his inability to walk for now leaves me alone again.

01 | 02
I grabbed some mini flower pots that was lying around and tried making flowers, but my flashlight was too big so it looked awful.  Drew a simple star just because.

03 | 04 |
Ghosted myself.

05 | 06 | 07
Did a bit of doodling, and ended with a waterfallish picture towards the end.

So far, I just can’t see to find what I’m looking for.  :(  I’m going to need to look at more examples, then maybe I’ll get some great ideas.

– – – – –

Fairly good progress on my illustration.
Still have plenty to do.


~ by Christian Lim on January 29, 2010.

10 Responses to “Trois day weekend (ii)”

  1. Great idea: “I’m going to need to look at more examples, then maybe I’ll get some great ideas.”

    Good start (as usual). Keep at it!

  2. I agree with Skocko. If you are open for suggestions, try leaving the shutter open for a little longer to capture more of the non-light stuff.

  3. Theoretically, before, because if you do it after, it will write over the light.

    The coolest light painting I have seen look like they were taken in the middle of the day.

  4. Argh, everyone is doing light painting.
    Maybe you can use more colors on your illustration.

  5. I have to agree with Fadi.

  6. Yeah, I know it needs more color. I’m just a huge fan of purple+yellow+black/dark gray and got carried away with it.
    It’s okay though, I’m still going to go back through to fix colors when I finish everything.

  7. It is still great.

  8. Extremely commendable job, Christian. Well done my friend.

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