Trois day weekend

Finals are over, and I’m glad everything is starting over with a clean slate. Onto the new semester!

A triple update on what I’ve been doing:

Hardly any progress on the mesh self portrait. Here’s the outline version of it so far. I was working on the area around the eyes, but it’s quite difficult. Unfortunately, I can’t progress on this any further since I’m only working on it at school.  So expect more of this next week.

– – – – –

I’ve got myself right into light painting. I’m pretty awful trying oh so very hard. Really, it’s hard coming up with anything that I like.

Started off throwing a few test shots, and went to work.  The only salvageable pictures-
01 | 02 | 03
(Yeah, I’m an idiot for not putting the camera in focus. I blame my poor vision for not picking up on it)
Just testing the waters still. There’s plenty of time for me to keep trying until I make something that I like.

– – – – –

As for my illustration, I just started on it today.  Click

Originally had the dragon’s beard gray, but didn’t like it so I’m in the process of changing it to yellow with red.  I was also considering changing the orange to white/bright gray or black/dark gray.
This whole piece might actually take longer than I thought, so feel free to throw any suggestions if any on this if you want, I sure don’t mind.


~ by Christian Lim on January 28, 2010.

6 Responses to “Trois day weekend”

  1. Good job on the light painting. Very creative. I won’t say anything abut the focus on those images.

    I also grabbed some gear and might do some this weekend, if I find time. Kyle is going to Orange County for the weekend, so it leaves just me to work on the light painting, which is less fun. It is amazing how much more you can get done with too people (and a wireless button). I guess I’ll have to draft my sister.

    Just so you know, you left your computer logged in and an illustrator file open when you left school.

    • Oh geez. Haha, I guess it slipped my mind when I grabbed my stuff and realized I couldn’t stay a while longer after school and rushed out.

      Wireless button? That must have be ridiculously convenient. I’ve had to work everything out solo, so it get’s irritating going back and fourth.

  2. I HATE YOU!!!
    Why do you have to do stuff thats better than mine. =(
    Ohh wait… I have better light painting pictures than uou.

  3. You forget I control which comments go in and out on my blog. :)
    Keep the misspellings for your Valhalla poster.

    And I still haven’t seen your light paintings yet. You never showed them to me or Philip… except the two you grabbed off Google and claimed for your own. :O


  4. Looking good, I’m jealous you’re gonna finish your illustration first. How long do you think it’ll take?

    • Haha, well I’m going to finish first because it’s on a small sketchbook. I’ll save a monstrous sketch for my bigger sketchbook. 9×12 is pretty darn big, so I might need to jump on the sketch a lot sooner before I run out of time to work on it :)

      I want to say I’ll finish by Tuesday. But by Monday I hope to have at least completely pen tooled in everything and only need to do some post production/minor adjustments.

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