Finals is a distraction

The last minute studying that occurs during finals is really frustrating for me. Unfortunately, I can focus on studying much better in the Mac Lab. This is unfortunate because I sit in front of a computer, begging me to work on it.

Anyways, I didn’t get much time (If at all, almost any time) to work on my projects this morning, so no update on my mesh. But despite me not having any classes in the Mac Lab today, I am still able to stay productive with a pencil and paper.

At the current moment, I’m working on three different projects on Illustrator. One being mesh, the other being helping out Fadi on his humongous picture, and the last is something I’ve only mentioned in one class during presentations for finals.

I wanted to do a style similar to this(or this, this and this).  I honestly don’t know what the exact style is called (If anything, it’s more of illustration than anything else), but it’s sort of urban vinyl/designer plush, apparently more popular in areas like Japan.  I like the multiple bright colors and faces that exist on just about everything.  I think it fits into my work flow very nicely with things that I want to do, and things that I want to experiment on doing.

So here’s two sketches trying to work similar to the compositions above.

The first one is something I’ve been worked on for about 3 or so days.  Pretty much a collections of doodles and character sketches existing in the previous pages of my sketchbook, thrown into one gigantic scene.

The second is a quick sketch I did when I finished my American Government final.  Needs a lot more work, and I’m probably going to redo the design since I’m not too pleased with a lot of elements.

The good thing is I’ll probably be working on this at home as opposed to school, which means more time working.  :)


~ by Christian Lim on January 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “Finals is a distraction”

  1. Both sketches look cool. I can’t wait to see the finished products. Are you going to use the mesh tool?

  2. There’s a lot of areas where I see myself using the mesh tool. If mesh turns out to be superior in this case, then I may just stick with it again. Otherwise, if the mesh makes things look ugly, I’ll stick with the pen/pencil tool and I get to try my hand at abusing blending modes.

  3. Have fun with that.

    Will it take as long as the illustrations Fadi is doing?

  4. Naw. Fadi’s is taking forever because he has millions of small images on a regular sheet of notebook paper, compared to mine which is a mini sketchbook (About half the size of a regular notebook), with large figures. Mine shouldn’t take too long :)

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