Mesh Portrait Mark ii [Dice]

Day 1 of working on a portrait with mesh.  The person I’m illustrating this time is my buddy mister Dice.
I had originally started out with the same picture I used the first time around, but it was just too small and I lacked any facial features that I can make work.

I think I made some great progress so far, but unfortunately it only gets a million times more difficult now. The nose + eyes are next up, so I’ll be working on that most likely on Thursday (No Mac Lab classes tomorrow).

And I had forgot to include this with the four other light pictures, so here.
It’s probably my favorite one of them all, despite it being a simple outline.

Anyways, time for the last minute studying that everyone crams in for finals. :(


~ by Christian Lim on January 26, 2010.

11 Responses to “Mesh Portrait Mark ii [Dice]”

  1. Great progress on the portrait. How long did that take you?

    I think that is definitely your best light painting so far. (I wonder what it would look like with different colors?)

    • Spent about 2 hours and ten minutes or so (Wasted a lot of time working on a bad picture that I ended up not using, and spent a chunk of time helping out James with his website due to him knowing only a bit of English).

      As far as different colors go, I figured I’d stick with white since it retains the ‘angelic’ concept.
      I should have tried it though… since I’ve got a million different colors at my disposal. Well, not a million, but I have enough colors to get by. I think I’ll try again this weekend as opposed to next Saturday school. New semester, new start. :)

  2. I have been forced to stay with white for my light painting because that is the only color I have.

    I wish I had the patience to make a mesh tool portrait. I started one a while back and spent about 4 hours working on the shirt. Unfortunately, I was just starting to learn the mesh tool and found out I was making it way more complicated than it had to be, so I trashed it. I haven’t gotten around to trying again.

    Is there a Saturday School this weekend?

  3. Just for fun, if you get time, can you post the outline of your portrait?

  4. I’ll post the outline tomorrow morning since I don’t have the exact file with me.
    And that’s one of the curses of the mesh tool. It’s so easy to get carried away adding more points when in the end, it ends up making things worse.
    And there shouldn’t be another Saturday school until the thirteenth I believe :(

    Also, what I do for color is I use some colored tissue paper (The ones used to stuff presents and gifts with). It’s quite thin yet solid enough to use, so you can end up folding it and wrap it/place it in front of the flashlight. I still haven’t found an easier way to keep the colored paper there other than manually holding on to it along with the flashlight, or taping it. Taping it pretty much forces you to stay with the color throughout the entire picture depending on the composition you’re going for- some scenarios you can just take it off and switch it, but for each one of mine, changing colors risks me losing my place on what I’m drawing.
    Viola, colored light for about 5 bucks or so depending on what kind of paper you buy and how many different colors.

  5. That’s what happened to me: I had ten times too many points.

    Thanks for the tip! I am going to go give it a try right now!

  6. Idea successfully tested.

  7. Haha, no problem. It’s a good workaround for color.
    I’d love to make the LED light pens, but it’s too much handywork for me to get into <.<

  8. Yah, and I bet they cost a fortune to buy.

  9. Well you don’t buy it, you can make it from scratch (It was one of the links in the light painting site)
    “Plastic Tubing – 5/8″ outside diameter – 1/2″ inside diameter
    Plastic Tubing – 1/2″ outside diameter – 3/8″ inside diameter
    1 LED
    1 Normally Open Switch
    1 20 ohm Resistor – size is determined using Ohm’s law
    3 1.5 volt Button Batteries
    Heat shrink tubing
    24 gauge wire
    Electrician’s tape”

    It goes on about getting the right voltage to power the LED light, so on and so forth. No clue about the costs of most of the items required.
    Just too much technician work for me to want to do. Although something tells me I’m going to get to it at some point regardless.

  10. Yah, um, I’m not building one. I’ll pay someone else to do it.

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