So, it’s finals week and the Mac Lab starts it’s finals a day early. Lucky for me I had organized a bit early, so I had my presentation all set with what I needed. I sneaked in a few pictures I failed to throw in before hand (Such as my boot), so for your viewing pleasure:

My finished boot with a changed background. I think I have a somewhat darker version, so I’ll recheck tomorrow when I’m in class. Otherwise that’s my “finished but technically not finished” (You’re never finished in the Mac Lab) version.

Something else I added that I overlooked:

Yeah, I probably should have shown this earlier, but this was a Christmas card I did for my aunts/uncles/grandparents/parents (One cousin is in there, and I did three separate portraits for the significant other’s of my cousins not included in the group picture).
Since I was severely behind in getting Christmas gifts, I decided to take my fun with the pencil tool and put it to good use. So for Christmas, I gave away that card printed (Printing done at Longs Drugs :) )at 5×7, and on top of that square in the center was a 4×6 print of each individual pair/person, held together by glue dots. I had done this last year, except I used Photoshop, similar to my disaster as described here (Didn’t really know how to do anything).  Needless to say, this brought smiles on my family’s faces- despite me chugging through all the pictures within three days.

And your eyes aren’t deceiving you, in the background was a try at light painting.  I had grabbed a camera for winter break, but I was pretty awful with light painting (A trendy topic as of late as seen on Philips and the CRDESIGNLAB blogs).  I failed to recognize a few things ahead of time, such as when it’s dark it also gets cold, and I’m not a huge fan of cold.  But at least I found a good use of it in my Christmas card :)  Anyways, here’s a few pics that are somewhat manageable to look at without ripping your eyes out (01, 02, 03, 04, background).  Yeah, I’m not very good, so might give it another try next Saturday school with Philip and whoever else may join along.

As of this moment, I’ve just begun the meshed portrait.  Since I’ve been limited on time because of finals presentations, I haven’t got very far.  I’ll be updating with that for the next few days/weeks : )

And congrats to me again.  I got my second print (My second self portrait)!  Good thing I took regular art during freshman year, the boxes concept came from there.


~ by Christian Lim on January 25, 2010.

23 Responses to “Finals!”

  1. Thanks for the link to our blog.

    I looked through your light painting, and I have to say: very good. I think that a combination of light painting and your wonderful artwork could produce some really amazing images.

  2. You never showed me your light painting pictures before, except for the angle one. They are very good and you need to show Skocko the background one. :) BTW thanks for the link to my blog, and yeah next Saturday we’re doing some light painting, that’s for sure. :)

  3. Haha yeah I know. I have a few more light painting pictures, but I found my light painting pictures to be awful, that’s why I never bothered to show them. I still have a bunch of ideas that I would like to do with light painting, but it’s like drawing blindfolded :L

  4. Yah, that is why I have stuck with writing simple things and tracing stuff.

  5. Like Chris said, me too I just keep tracing stuff or keep writing the maclab or my name, haha. Oh well we’re still learning and we can improve that after we keep doing it over and over. :) So what do you guys think, let’s make a big project of light painting together? I mean a really cool one. We have the king of mesh (even though the mesh tool won’t work with this project). We have the kings of photography. And you guys got me for a cool idea. :) What do you think?

  6. Are you kidding me?!?!?!?! Of course I’m in!!!!!!! What are we waiting for!!!!!

  7. Haha, after the finals. For me I don’t have anything to do except for the video with Danny. :)

  8. I just have to finish working the kinks out of my blog. In case you didn’t notice, I am completely redoing the galleries, so everything is messed up at the moment.

  9. Alright, that’s fine we have the whole semester to work.

  10. You all have Creative Freedom, right?

  11. I’m up for a light painting project. One semester isn’t enough time for me, I need to fit in as much as possible before I graduate. : (
    Yeah, I have creative freedom.

  12. Chris, of course dude. :)
    Christian, don’t worry everyone will have a part where he needs to work on, that’s why you guys are all kings of different stuff. :)

  13. There never seems to be enough time.

    What career do you have in mind?

  14. King? Who, me?

  15. Chris, I know I always feel like that, but if you actually start working then you can say if the time is enough or not.

  16. Chris, yeah you, why not?

  17. Just joking.

  18. :)

  19. So we have a plan? After finals, we team up and make something amazing?

  20. No specific career that I have in mind… All I know is I want to do something computer art related.
    I just want to do as much as humanly possible within my reach before I’m out of the Mac Lab.

  21. Oh absolutely. Don’t know what that amazing masterpiece will be, but definitely.

  22. Alright cool. :)

  23. Good. Hopefully this will fall into the category of things that help you towards your career of choice Christian.

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