Right before winter break took off, an assignment for one of my classes (PDC 124) involved a career research paper. I took this chance to learn more about being a digital artist.  As I was collecting information, I was able to get in contact with Michael Werner.  Here’s a bit of what he had to tell me-

“Music is a must. I find I work and think differently depending on the genre of music I’m listening to. When coding I need something non-lyrical, repetitive, and something that gets my head bobbing and blood flowing to brain. (lately this has been Robert Miles and the Sunshine original soundtrack) For drawing and painting I usually like classical and soothing.(ranging from josh groban, mozart, to even some of matthew bellamy’s symphanies) “

Some of the music I’ve recently been exposed to over the weekend has been remixed songs of a gaming soundtrack.  Now I’m not too big on gaming nowadays (It’s too expensive and time consuming to play games anyways), but the content packed in each song was amazing.  I found myself imagining an endless stream of ideas and settings as I was entranced by the music.

You see, I was negligent to the fact that music in games is a huge part of the storytelling that’s involved.  It was just an amazing feeling imagining what the music was meant to convey on each track.

So I guess all I have to say is, when all else fails, use music as inspiration for new ideas.

For those curious as to what game soundtrack I was listening to, it was Final Fantasy VII.  ☺

– – – – –

Currently working on:


– A scene with perspective

– Properly incorporating blending modes in my work

– Learning how to create various textures

– – – – –

Pencil tool sketch of one-point perspective.  I intend on creating a three-point perspective as the final layout.



~ by Christian Lim on January 11, 2010.

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